Lies University Tells You

I got told so many things during my three years at university which ended up being not true at all so i thought i would share some with you all.

1. You should definitely buy this book

No you most definitely should not! Odds are the books your lecturers tell you to purchase are the ones that they have written themselves. You more than likely won’t ever read it and if you do you will only read one chapter. Best thing to do is to find an eBook version on Google Scholar, it will save you money and time. I have so many books in my possession that i was told to buy and i haven’t even finished any of them and some of them i never even used once.

2. If you’re organised you wont need to worry about a thing.

Lies! You can be the most organised person in the world but when deadlines are looming and you also have an exam the same week you will worry. I’m not saying this to try and scare any prospective students but worry is inevitable and completely natural. Everyone does it so don’t kid yourself.

3. If you live in halls you’ll definitely get on with everyone.Β 

While this may be true for some lucky people, the students you end up sharing a flat with will have different backgrounds, personalities, hobbies etc. You can not get on with everyone no matter how hard you try. Some people are just too different and that’s ok. You can still be pleasant with one another but odds are you won’t become ‘best buds’ with everyone you live with.

4. You’ll become a domestic God and know how to do everything.

Erm yeah this one is definitely a lie. Odds are you’ll still be ringing home asking how to work the washing machine or how to cook something without setting your flat on fire.

So these are just a few of the lies i got told at university. Comment below if you got told some too!

Chlo xx

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2 thoughts on “Lies University Tells You

  1. I always got told that most people don't end up with a career in what they majored in college, so I just did my degree because I thought it didn't really matter, and I just wanted to have a degree. Full stop. However, that was definitely the worst advice EVER!! Due to my naivety, I didn't realize a lot of proper jobs you apply for do require certain majors/degrees, or they are preferred, so you should always look at the jobs in your major and decide if they seem interesting. I majored in business with specialization in fashion, and realized that I hate working in the fashion industry, so it's partially my own fault for not doing research, but how was 18 year old me suppose to know this?! So many people deceived me into believing that work places only care if you have a degree, and not what your major is– DO YOUR RESEARCH!!


  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear about that! Just goes to show though that teachers need to better prepare students for higher education and make them more aware of the qualifications needed for certain careers. Hope it all works out for you xx


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