4 Places I Want To Visit

Traveling is something i love to do so here are 4 places i want to visit.

1. Australia 

This is definitely my number one. I have always wanted to visit Australia to climb Ayers Rock, walk across the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, hold a Kuala Bear. Hopefully after a couple of years of saving i will get there.

2. New York

I’ve always wanted to visit the Empire State Building after seeing it in loads of films, and it would be nice to see the Statue Of Liberty too. Luckily i shall be visiting New York for a week in April to celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday and i am so excited!

3. Maldives 

Every time I get my hands on a holiday brochure this is always one of the first places I look at. I think it is just so beautiful and would be a lovely relaxing getaway.

4. Barbados 

Sandy beaches, heat, sun, and the clear blue sea. Barbados is a lovely place for a nice getaway and to get a nice tan.

Hopefully within the next few years i will have visited all of these and i will be able to cross one of them off my list in April.

Chlo xx 

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