My 22nd Birthday!

I am officially 22 and I already miss being 21! People always ask when you have a birthday if you feel any older, usually my reply “no of course not, why would I?” but this time I really do feel older! Its a bit weird but it feels like only yesterday I was 18 and I find myself asking where the time has gone!

Anyway, back to the post. I had a total of 3 celebrations for my 22nd, because you’re only 22 once!

The first celebration was a lovely little meal in the countryside with my parents. It was amazing! The place we went to was the White Horse pub in Curdworth which is a cute little country pub.


I had a lamb shank with roast potatoes and veggies which was lush.

Then of course we had to have a dessert, so I had a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. This is definitely my go to dessert and this pub does the best ones in my opinion.


My second celebration was a meal with my two amazing friends Amy and Sara. I’ve been friends with these two lovely people since school and the friendship is still going!

We went to an Italian restaurant called Bella Italia in Solihull which was lovely. We had a candle for the table and we made a reservation so we had a nice little booth to enjoy the meal.


For starters we had the ciabatta bread balls with garlic butter, which I almost burnt my mouth on but it was worth it.

For main I had the carbonara and then for dessert I had the chocolate chip cookie dough which was sooooo good.


It’s safe to say I felt a bit delicate after all of the food but it all tasted really good.

The third and final celebration was a night out in Worcester with my uni friends. The night out was really good we went to two clubs one called Sin and another called Velvet.


I had a great night and it was great to see some of my friends again and catch up.

Chlo xx

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