Current Top 5 Snapchat filters

I LOVE snapchat! Anyone that follows me on there knows that I am obsessed with the filters. So here are my current top 5.

1.Bunny filter


This one is just perfect for Easter, which is fast approaching, and it is super cute!

2. Leopard/Cheetah/ Cat filter


This is probably the one that I’m using the most at the moment. It’s so cute and it also has a little mask part that shows when you open your mouth.

3. Round glasses, red lip and tassel earring filter


This filter just looks cool. It’s probably the most stylish looking filter that Snapchat has at the moment and I love it. Great for if your not wearing makeup or having a bad skin day too!

4. Gothic makeup filter


This filter just helps me channel my teenage self, where I wore wayyyy to much black eyeliner and my whole wardrobe was full of black clothes. What was I thinking?! Although the memories of my past bad choices make me cringe, I still think this filter looks pretty cool.

5. Panda filter.


Who doesn’t love Pandas?! This filter is beyond cute, it squishes up your face and also has a cool song in the background if you make a video with this filter on.

Those are my current fave Snapchat filters. Let me know yours in the comments below!

Chlo xx

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