Disney Princess Quiz

After watching the trailers for Beauty and the Beast (I have not watched it yet please don’t spoil it for me!) and having ‘be a Disney princess’ as a life goal, I decided it was time to take a quiz and find out which one I am!


Disclaimer: I do not own this quiz, it is a quiz off the Buzzfeed website. I am not sponsored by Buzzfeed (although it would be cool if I was).


Question 1: What is your favorite Disney movie?


Answer: The Lion King (this isn’t actually my favourite, I’ve always been torn between ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Aladdin’, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ but none of these were in the options).


Question 2: Secretly, you think your enemies are envious of…


Answer: My bravery (I was bullied a lot at school and I think the fact I kept my head up, powered through and was brave is something that they did not like haha).


Question 3: What are you most scared of?


Answer: Being alone (one of my worst fears is all of my family leaving and I’m left by myself).


Question 4: What do you look for in a soul mate?


Answer: Humor (If you can’t have a laugh with someone then whats the point!)


Question 5: Choose a talking animal


Answer: Phoenix (because it just sounds so cool!)


Question 6: What do you like to do with your time off?


Answer: Get together with my family (my family means everything to me).


Question 7: What is the secret to true love?


Answer: Communication (If they don’t listen to you, and you can’t tell them how you feel, then the relationship is going downhill very quickly).


Question 8: Where do you like to have your first date?


Answer: A restaurant (never turn down the chance to eat some good food).


Question 9: Pick an artist


Answer: Katy Perry (I would have chosen Beyonce, but that wasn’t an option so Katy Perry is the next best thing).


Question 10: What is Happily Ever After?


Answer: In a caring relationship (being with someone who loves you just as much as you love them, the soppy option I know haha).


RESULT: Belle!! So so so happy with my result, she is one of my fave princesses and now she is totally my spirit animal/princess thing. Happy days!

Chlo xx
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