March Goals

I thought I would start doing a new blog post series where I set myself goals to complete by the end of each month.  Here are my March goals:

  1. Sell some of my old History degree books.

I have sooooo many books from when I did my degree so I have decided that, been as my degree took a LARGE amount of money from me, I would try and make some money  back by selling my books on ebay. If any of you reading this want a History book you can check out my ebay page here.

2. Get better at keeping in touch with uni friends.

I am sure I am not alone in this, but, when you graduate from uni and move back to your home town it is so much harder to stay in touch with people. None of my uni friends live particularly close to me (I think the closest is about 1 hour away), so it is not like I can just bump into them in the street like while I was at University. I rely heavily on social media to stay in touch with people, but I would like to try and meet up with them more often.

3. Get fit.

A common goal for many people I think. I am going on a trip to New York in April which is going to require A LOT of walking. The Statue of Liberty has soooo many steps to get to the top so I really need to get exercising to improve my fitness. I don’t think anyone will appreciate me passing out on the steps inside the Statue of Liberty! I have started to work on this goal already by going for long walks and doing a in-home workout every other day.

4. Blog more.

At the moment I try to do a blog post at least once a week, but if I am honest I do tend to skip weeks. I want to become a bit more organised, as blogging is something I enjoy and would like to do more often.

So those are my March goals! Let me know if you have set yourself any goals for the month or even for this year in the comments below!

Chlo xx

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2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Thank you for sharing your link after #beechat – your blog is great! I love goals posts like these – you feel so good planning your life & even better if you complete them. Good for you for wanting to make some money from selling your books! Whoever buys them will also get a good deal compared to buying them new. I want to keep up blogging too – its so easy for it to slip off the list of priorities.


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