Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

For a very long time I have wanted to try the Real Techniques makeup brushes and, for Christmas, my parents brought me some! To say I was happy is a massive understatement!

I have mainly been using the Core Collection brushes.


These contain a buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and a detailer brush.

The buffing brush:


This brush is amazing! The bristles are firm enough to apply powder but not too firm so you don’t feel like it’s scratching your face. I use mine mainly to apply a setting powder when I’m finishing my makeup look, but you could easily use it for a powder foundation or a mineral powder.

The contour brush:


This brush is sooooo soft! I use mine to apply a little bit of bronzer to my face to make me look a bit less pale. You could also use it for a highlighter or a blush. I think this one is my favourite brushes out of the Core Collection set.

The pointed foundation brush:


This brush is great for a bit more precision when applying foundation. I don’t really tend to use this brush as much as the others, but it is still a good brush. I think it is much more useful for when you are going for a more dramatic makeup look. It would be perfect for applying foundation around a smokey eye look.

The detailer brush:


This brush is great for applying concealer under your eyes. It is nice and soft which is perfect for the delicate under eye skin. This brush would also work well for applying lipstick but, personally, I prefer to just use it for concealer.

Overall I am so in love with the Real Techniques Core Collection. The brushes definitely lived up to my high expectations and I would definitely recommend them. All of the brushes are so soft so they feel amazing on your skin. The brushes also all have multiple uses which definitely comes in handy!

Let me know what your favourite makeup brushes to use are in the comments below!

Chlo xx

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4 thoughts on “Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

  1. I looooove this set! It was one of the very first sets of brushes I got when I first started playing with makeup. I have used them so much and for so many purposes!
    Right now, I tend to use the detailer brush for applying some eyeshadow to my inner corner as a highlight.
    The Buffing brush is my favourite by far!! Actually I have used it so much started dying. I really need to let it go and find a replacement for it. In the meantime, I use it for correcting/blending my blush when I go heavy-handed and I look like a clown. Sadly, at this point it can not work for anything else.

    Ioanna |


    1. They are an amazing set of brushes! Hope you can get a new buffing brush soon!! Yes the detailed brush is amazing and great for getting to the inner corner of the eye. I think the buffing brush is my fave too. Xoxo

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