Review: Models Own HyperGel Polish

A few months ago I went to the Clothes Show Live (the last one in Birmingham, sad times). While I was there I brought some Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish, as I needed some new ones and I had never tried the Models Own ones before.

The polish doesn’t require any UV, like some gel polish, you just have to make sure you shake it well before use. The first one I tried was Brunette Red.

This shade is a very deep red and I thought it was a nice colour for Autumn and Winter. The application process was good and the polish seemed to dry fairly quickly. The shade was also very opaque but I still applied 2 coats, as always. I really like this shade, however, after a few hours it already had a chip on one of my nails. The next day I noticed nearly all of my nails were chipped which made me realise that, unfortunately, this polish is not very chip resistant.

The second one I tried was Pink Veneer.Β 

The inner girly girl in me loves a bit of pink every now and again. I chose this pale pink colour, as I thought it would be a nice shade for the summer and it would go well with some of my daytime outfit choices. The application of this polish was very different to the Brunette Red. This shade is not very opaque at all and i found that, even after applying 2 coats of the polish, I could still see my natural nail colour through the polish. This one didn’t chip as easily as the Brunette Red but did start to peel off my nails after only 24 hours.

The third one I tried was Jet Black.

I always like to make sure that I own some black nail polish. It is a great colour that goes with practically any outfit. This shade, as I expected, was the most opaque of them all when I applied it. This shade also lasted the longest, only chipping after 48 hours. However, like the others, it isn’t very chip resistant so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wants their nail polish to last for more than 48 hours.

The final shade I tried was Red Lustre.

This is the only one I got for free at the Clothes Show and didn’t purchase myself. The shade is a lovely bright, vibrant red colour which screamed Christmas to me when I saw it. I love this colour. It is fairly opaque but does chip easily.

Overall, I really like the shades of the Models Own HyperGel Nail Polishes but I am disappointed by the lack of strength in the polish. They do not seem to last long and chip way too easily. They would be great if you wanted to just change your nail colour for one day/night, but not if you are looking for a long lasting polish.

Chlo xx

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