So I decided to make some slight changes to my blog. I started this blog a few years ago and while I still see it as a hobby I feel like as I have grown up my blog should grow with me.

So here are the changes I have made:

1. The name

Most obvious one here is that I have changed the name of my blog. It is no longer ‘partywithgiraffes’ and is now simply ‘Chlo H’ with the NEW url being If i’m honest I did want ‘Chloe H’ but that url was already taken so plan b! This is just a temporary name change though and someone did tell me it sounds like ‘chlo hates blogs’ when you read it, which was not planned and I didn’t even realise it myself.Β  Any other name suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t have a middle name so it’s a bit harder to think of blog names as I know a lot of bloggers use their first and middle names. I feel like ‘partywithgiraffes’ is a bit of a mouthful and the new blog name suits as it is my name so it is unique to me.

2. The layout

I have adjusted the layout of my blog ever so slightly by making some font changes here and there to make certain parts easier to read. I may be making further changes to the layout by adding more pages so that I can separate my posts better. At the moment my blog is a bit of everything but the main posts seem to be focused on:

– Beauty
– Lifestyle
– Fashion
– Literature
– Personal

My blog would be much more organised if I could separate these posts onto separate pages. Of course this is dependent upon my computing skills and whether I can figure out how to do it.

I might make more changes in the future to my blog but at the moment I am happy with these slight changes.

Chlo xx
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