Making changes

Do you ever just sit down and think what am I doing with my life? Well that is what I did before Christmas and continued to do up until New Years day.


See I have a History degree and part of me has always wondered whether I did that degree just for the sake of doing a degree. All of my friends were going to University, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I thought ‘yeah sure I’ll jump on that train’. Now I’m not saying I regret doing my degree. I am actually very proud of the fact that I got into University and graduated with a decent classification. But what I am saying is that I wonder whether I did the degree for the right reasons.

So that brings me to my main point. I started a PGCE Primary course in September 2016 after thinking that teaching was what I really wanted to do. But the more I thought about it the more I questioned it. I got onto the course just fine and everyone on the course was super friendly but something was still there at the back of my mind. The little voice going ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!’. So instead of ignoring the little niggle at the back of my mind I went with my gut. I realised that teaching is not for me. To be honest it’s not that I was bad at it (blowing own trumpet moment) my grades were quite good and I passed my first placement, it just didn’t feel right. I did not enjoy the course as much as I thought I would. So on the 3rd January 2017 I withdrew from the course after a chat with my course leader.

So I am now unemployed, not a student anymore and starting to worry slightly more about my bank balance. But I have to say I am happy. I am happy that I made the right choice. The career wasn’t for me so why do it? Hopefully I will find something I enjoy doing and can earn a living from but in the meantime I am enjoying feeling like i can breathe again and not feeling like I am under an immense amount of pressure.

Change is good.

Chlo xx

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