Onwards And Upwards

So i found out the other day that i will be graduating from my history degree with a 2:2. Sadly i just missed out on a 2:1 by one grade. Despite my degree classification being lower than a lot of my friends i am honestly so proud of myself.

To begin with i was unsure about whether university was even for me, as i struggled to keep up with the pace in first year. But then i found out that the reason i was stuggling so much was because i had a undiscovered learning difficulty.

After becoming aware of this i was able to work with my univeristy to get more help and guidance to help me to improve my grades. This helped me so much and i am very grateful for the support i recieved. My grades improved drastically in my final year and i even managed to get a 2:1 in my dissertation which i am immensely proud of! Despite getting a 2:2 overall, and literally just missing out on a 2:1, i take comfort from the fact that i worked so hard to get the grades i did and could not have tried harder. My friends and family also helped me so much, they were there when i cried because i got too stressed or to go and binge on cake with me for some comfort food!

So onwards and upwards! Getting a 2:2 means that i still qualify for a place on my Primary PGCE course which i am so happy about. The course starts in September and then i will be well on my way to becoming a primary school teacher.

I can’t wait to start taking the steps towards my future career and i am so happy with how far i have come and what i have accomplished in the past few years.

Chlo xx

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