How To Study

Exam season is fast approaching which means a lot of stress and thinking ‘why did i pick this subject?!!’ However i have found that these tips help keep me calm during such a stressful period.

1. Get organised.

If you have more than one exam then this is definitely key. Organise your notes for each subject into separate folders so they are much easier to access. That way if you need a specific quote from a certain lecture/lesson it will be easy to find it.

2. Use highlighters.

These are a great revision tool to help you to remember important facts, dates or quotes for the exam.

3. Test yourself.

Write a practice essay, memorize it and see if you can rewrite it without looking. The more times you do this the better you will get.

4. Make a timetable.

Revision timetables are so useful, you can set yourself breaks so that you can get the balance between your revision and social life just right.

5. Hydrate.

Drink plenty of water! It helps with concentration and will prevent you from feeling sluggish after a long day.

Hope these tips are helpful!

Chlo xx

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