Must-See TV Shows

If I’m not writing an essay for university then i will more than likely be on Netflix. So here is a list of some TV shows which i love and highly recommend!

1. Shadowhunters

This show is based off The Mortal Instruments book series. It is action packed with beautiful people in it. I would say it does take a couple of episodes to get into its stride but once it does it’s a very good show and i binged the first series.

2. Dexter

I first noticed this show when it popped up on my recommended list on Netflix. I can’t say too much without giving away the whole premise of the show but if you like shows full of murder then this one is definitely for you.

3. Scream Queens

I am obsessed with this show! It is written by the wonderful Ryan Murphy who created Glee so as soon as i found that out i knew i had to watch it. This show centers around the mysterious red devil who seems to be picking off students and creates a whole ‘who dunnit’ vibe.Β  It is so funny in parts and i would definitely recommend it.

4. Grimm

This series is based off the ‘real’ fairy tales, so the more gruesome ones. It focuses on a detective who is the only one who can see these creatures real faces as he is a Grimm. Its hilarious in parts, full of drama and action, and you get attached to the characters very quickly.

Hope you all enjoy watching these TV shows as much as i do!

Chlo xx

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