Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Review

After using the same eyeliner for a while now i went on a little trip to Superdrug a couple of weeks ago to try out a different one. I ended up picking the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in black.

This eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner but it is shaped like a felt tip pen. I have never used an eyeliner like this before, as i usually use the liquid eyeliners with a little brush on the end, so i thought i would try something new.

First thing i would say is that i found the overall application a little difficult. This may be because i haven’t used a felt tip eyeliner before but i found it quite difficult to make a precise wing compared to other liquid liners i have used in the past.

The colour itself also doesn’t come out as strong as i would have liked. I found myself having to go over the liner more than once to make it as opaque as possible.

Overall i would have to say i was disappointed by this liner as i do not think it works well for me. However, this may be down to the fact that i am not used to felt tip eyeliners so others may find this product easier to use than i did.

Chlo xx

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