Final year of uni drama!!

So it’s been a very very veryyyyy long time since my last blog post and the reason is that my final year of my history degree is causing me dangerous levels of stress!! I knew, after people constantly said to me at the start of my degree, that i should make the most of first year that the final year of my degree would be a bit hectic, but i still feel like my mind and body weren’t quite prepared for the shock of it.

There is constantly work to do. I don’t mean to put anyone off university but it is a serious commitment. If you want a good degree classification you really need to put the hours and effort in.

My social life, once full of nights out every week, has completely gone out of the window and to the back of my mind. All i think about is ‘hmm maybe i should start that essay now’ or ‘oh crap i forgot that is due in like two days!’

Third year isn’t just about the assignments, especially for a history degree there is a LOT of reading involved if you want to keep up with the rest of your class otherwise you get the ‘ummm i dunno’ moments in the middle of a class discussion which are super awkward and really embarrassing.

However, organization Chloe is back and i have now created a timetable (which i seriously advise every student to have) so hopefully i will be able to get back into blogging more regularly and not be running around like a headless chicken so often.

Fingers crossed!

Chlo xx

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