Garnier Summer Body review!

As many people who have seen me in person will know i am veryyyyy pale! I blame the Irish side and the fact that i might have been a vampire in a past life for it. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being pale but i hate getting sun burnt and i wanted to look a little tanned for the summer. I decided to try the Garnier Summer Body moisturising lotion as it has a built in gradual tan and is much safer than turning into a lobster on a sun bed!

I took the trip to my local Superdrug and brought the deep sun-kissed look one. My friend previously brought the light one, she is a similar skin tone to me, but it made no real difference for her so i decided to go for the deep one.

After the first application i noticed a slight difference but nothing major so i applied a second coat once the first was fully absorbed into my skin. I started to develop a good colour  however i did notice that i had some lighter patches on my skin.

I probably should have worn a mitt or something when i applied it to make it more even. However, despite the patches i achieved a good colour and it came off after a couple of showers. Also, another upside to this product is that it makes your skin so soft! I genuinely felt like i had baby soft skin it was so nice.

I don’t think I’ll be trying it again anytime soon, I’m going to stick with my natural pale look. But it was fun to give it a go and i think i will buy the regular moisturising version of the product.

Chlo xx

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