Elegant Touch nail review!

Not to long ago my housemates and I joined forces to do a massive house clean and I came across a pack of Elegant Touch adhesive stick on nails. I thought I would give them a go as I have never tried any fake nails before. The ones I tried were a lilac colour but as I only have small nails, and I’m not used to fake ones, they did feel extremely long on my hands and I could barely text properly.

It said on the back of the box that they would last for a week, unfortunately mine only lasted for 2 days so it is safe to say that I was quite disappointed.

Furthermore, the application process was also a little tricky for someone who has never tried these sort of nails before. I had to place the adhesive stickers onto my nails first, which was a little fiddly.Β  Then I had to peel away a plastic cover to stick the nails themselves onto my original ones.

It took me overall around 20 minutes to do both of my hands, which was pretty accurate to the time it stated on the instructions so that didn’t bother me too much. They looked very nice when they were on and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out in the end. But, like I mentioned previously, they only lasted 2 days which wasn’t ideal. Also they didn’t all fall off at once which meant my nails did look a bit odd.

All in all I would give the Elegant touch nails a 2/5. They were pretty and I liked them but they didn’t last long and I struggled with the application process.

Chlo xx
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