Birthday Haul

It was my birthday on the 31st May and i finally reached the 2 decade mark. I know that i am still quite young but for some reason i freaked out so much when i realised i was going to be 20! Even though a few days on nothing at all is different.

I wasn’t expecting much but i got some amazing presents from friends and family so thought i would share a few in a blog post πŸ™‚

My boyfriend got me these lovely earrings, I’m pretty sure he didn’t pick them out but i still love them all the same πŸ™‚ They are silver with a cute little gem in the middle.

He also got me a scarf. Not something i would usually go for as I’m not normally too girly in what i wear but i still like it. Its a light blue colour, which my camera doesn’t really show, and has daisies on it. Β 
I recently broke my beloved yellow sunglasses from Topshop so my parents got me these awesome new red ones from River Island. The red parts are made of a rubber material so they wont overheat and burn my face like metal ones would.

I also got an Avengers age of Ultron poster off my friend along with a massive birthday badge (which i was forced to wear on my birthday night out) and as always some cheeky alcohol.Β 

I did get some others but these are just the ones i have decided to include in this post. I am by no means bragging. I had an awesome 20th birthday and i am so grateful for all of the presents that i got so thankyou to everyone who gave me one! πŸ™‚

Chlo xxΒ 

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