Exam period!

So after having a very very veryyyyy long break from blogging i have started to get back into the swing of things. The reason i was away for so long was down to university work and a lot of EXAM STRESS!!

Exams are probably one of the hardest parts of university. They are much more intense than the exams that you have to do in high school and sometimes require a lot of research and preparation. It is for this reason that the word exam strikes fear into many students hearts.

 I dont normally cope well with stress and go into what i like to call ‘meltdown mode’. However, i did find during my most recent exam period that there are some things that make it less stressful and a bit of a smoother ride.

 1) Make sure you eat properly!….Food makes a lot of people happy but it also makes your brain work better so its good to make sure you get some healthy 3 meals a day into you.

 2) Drink lots of water!….Yes you will probably need to pee a lot but keeping hydrated stops you from getting some unwanted headaches when you have a lot of revision to get through.

3) Have regular breaks!….Some studies have shown that we actually stop absorbing our revision after about an hour so its good to have about a 15 min break in between each hour.

 4) Spend time with your friends and family!….Yes you probably have a lot of revising to do but this doesn’t mean that you should cut yourself off completely from everyone that cares about you. Making time for your loved ones helps you to relax more and de-stress for a bit.

 So yes exams are stressful but the most important thing to do is to HAVE REGULAR BREAKS and also do not push yourself too hard. All you can do is your best.

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 Chlo xx


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