New Years Resolutions

Every year i make resolutions. Though some people do find them to be a cliche thing to do, i find them to be quite rewarding, especially when i stick to them! To be honest the resolutions i made last year didn’t really work out. One i made was to give up energy drinks (i do drink them a lot less than i used to but still have the odd one). However, this year i am determined to try and stick to them!

Resolution #1
Stop leaving all of my uni work till the very last minute! I am so guilty of this, every assignment i do i say to myself i will get it done a week before the deadline and i never do!

Resolution #2Β 
Make more time for my family! Due to me being a university student and also living in the city in which i study, keeping in touch can at times be difficult and i can go months at a time without seeing my loved ones.

Resolution #3
Get up earlier! I love my bed and so if i haven’t got anything i need to urgently get up for i will sleep until mid day. However, this always makes me feel like I’ve wasted a day where i could have been doing something much more productive.

Resolution #4
Be more sensible with my money! As my previous post showed, I am definitely a spender and not a saver but this needs to change if i am to afford my rent for my house for the rest of the year.

So those are my 4 resolutions for the new year. Hopefully i will stick to them this time!

Chlo xx

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