Christmas sales!!

The Christmas sales is something i look forward to every year but also something i dread! Though you can find yourself a good bargain, going to the sales can be extremely chaotic. However, the other day i decided to attempt them and managed to come back with some lovely new clothes. Ironically, only one of the items i purchased was a sale item. Nevertheless i am still very happy with what i managed to get!

The first item i purchased (and the only sale item) was a velvet bralet from Topshop for £12.00.

This is definitely something that i would wear on a night out and i reckon it will look great with a high-waisted skirt or shorts.

Next on my list was a blanket check tube skirt from Topshop for £24.00. I’m not normally one to go for a skirt in this sort of style but i liked this one so much i couldn’t help myself! Also, it goes perfectly with my new velvet bralet which is also a bonus.

Finally i purchased an oversized checked shirt from Topshop for £32.00. I’ve wanted one of these for ages so when my eye caught this one i had to go for it.

So thats all i managed to get on my little journey to the sales. All items are from Topshop but its my favourite place to go and i rarely get chance to being on a student budget!

Chlo xx

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