Students addiction to social networking!


For my first blog post i wanted to focus on student life, such as the constant battle that we have between getting our coursework or revision done vs. procrastination through the addiction that many students have to social networking.

I myself struggle with this on a daily basis, especially when the dreaded ‘writers block’ happens mid way through writing an assignment!! The main ones that i struggle with are Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and snapchat. The constant pull of social networking and the need to procrastinate when you are extremely bored, and feel like you are getting nowhere, is almost unbearable sometimes. It is all too easy to give into the temptation to procrastinate!!! 

Despite this, the majority of students, myself included, still manage to get their assignments in on time before the deadline, even if it is by the skin of their teeth! The first thing i do in the morning is to check all of my social media for any updates. Despite it being a great distraction it does help many to keep in touch with society by keeping up to date with daily events. Whether that be though posts about latest news stories or just your friends latest update on their snapchat story. It may just be the simple fact that students can’t live without social networking, even if it distracts them from getting university or college work done.

Hopefully i am not alone in this daily struggle!!! Also i really do hope that the hook of social media doesn’t prevent me from actually finishing my degree!

Chlo xx

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